Pimp my ride, BP.

Those who ride the bus deserve deluxe distractions from the difficulties and delays endemic to public transportation. Why? Here’s where our dependence on oil has gotten us. In the 44 days since the Deepwater Horizon explosion in the Gulf of Mexico:

30 million Estimated number of barrels of oil that may have spilled into the gulf from…April 20 to May 27.

70 Miles of shoreline that thick crude oil has already permeated in Louisiana.

54,096 Number of square miles closed to fishing in the gulf due to the oil spill.

870,000 Gallons of dispersant that have been deployed along Gulf Coast.”

BP -we think it’s the least you could do. Go on. Pimp our ride.

Dunham, Richard. “Updated: The BP Oil Spill by the Numbers” SFGate. May 29, 2010. June 3, 2010.