You’re still the King, Kong!

Universal Studio’s publicity stunt: huge footprints left in the sand on Santa Monica Beach, for the new King Kong 3-D attraction, which opens at the theme park this summer.

As requested, a brief account of how we got Mr. Kong off the couch and down to the beach:

Several barrels of single malt scotch. A hot blond (Diane Kruger because she’s Naomi Watts without the chipmunk cheeks, and cheaper). Kong also enjoys a special type of massage that involves small Japanese women dressed as Geishas parading single-file up and down his back. Then there were the Cuban cigars, but the cost of those was negligible. Of course, because Kong is self-conscious about his looks, he insisted on doing the stunt at night, which worked to our benefit because the beach was empty. Who knew one of the greatest and most enduring icons of the silver screen would have such low confidence! We told him over and over again: Kong! You’re still the King!

All in all, it was a successful campaign, and Kong is comfortable back in his Beverly Hills home.

Until the next time!

And for another silver screen stunt: