Frozen Yogurt Takes The Cake!

Would the brilliant creative mind behind this campaign please stand up? We would like to present you with an award. In fact, it’s better than an award. We’ve named an award after you. Well to be perfectly honest, we re-named an award. What we’re now calling The Frozen Yogurt Awards used to be our Un-Inspiring Outdoor Inspiration Awards. But when this campaign fell in our lap, we knew right away! If Outdoor Inspiration is all about the creative use of three dimensions, what better way to represent the worst use of three dimensions than a product that’s utterly boring and one-dimensional. Yes, Frozen Yogurt. For a minute we thought maybe we’d call it The Non-Fat Just-Vanilla Frozen-Yogurt Awards, but that was too long. Anyway whoever you are, wherever you are, OI wants to thank you! We hope you can hear the sound of us clapping.

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