Chew on this!

Meaty testimonials:

“I was truly overwhelmed when I passed by this ad in my car the other day. I was overwhelmed by this feeling. This feeling of Yes I Can! …Yes I can be the strong woman I’ve always wanted to be. Yes I can. So I turned up Arthea Franklin’s R E S P E C T in my head and let it play on repeat for the rest of the day. Yes I can!” Sue, 60, Chicago, Il.

“My dog barks at least once whenever we drive by.” Diane Loves Dogs, 38, Springfield, Il.

“Before Auntie Hilda broke her hip last winter, I had no idea. I didn’t understand how much a broken bone can change your life. And the lives of people around you. Everytime I walk underneath, I just think of Aunt Hilda -bless her- and her broken hip. I’m just so glad there’s someone out there raising awareness” Ellen, 46, Evanston, Il.

“I proposed to my girlfriend here. I said to her. Our love is like the big bones holding up this passageway to the future. I don’t know where it came from. Seemed like the right thing to say at the time.” Joshua, 23.

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