And one for our four-legged friends.

I showed this to my two dogs -one just looked at me as if to …Read More

Sneaky move, FedEx.

And we thought Israel/Palestine was contentious! UPS -would you like to issue a statement? Or …Read More

Monster birds among us.

How big was the bird? That’s all I’m going to say.

Yep, it’s a tree.

Sometimes we get ads here at OI, and we sit around scratching our heads, thinking, …Read More

Poor DHL.

Some of us here at OI that believe DHL drivers never find point B. Now …Read More

Size does matter.

Hello Ava here. This is my first post for Outdoor Inspiration, so I thought I’d …Read More

More big toys for big boys!

We bought a crane so we could play with our LEGO from the previous post.

Big toys for big boys

Big toys for big boys. OI-ers love LEGOs, and this is about as good as …Read More

Do(n’t) feed the birds!

The signs usually read, “don’t feed the birds,” but this one literally feeds the birds. …Read More

Just make it big.

Regarding commercials, a wise creative director once told me, if you don’t have anything to …Read More

Ride the wave, dude.

I was like, riding this massive wave, with this like, epic wall of water about …Read More

You’re going to hurt yourself…

If you aren’t careful! Is that real glass? Is that a real ad? Or just …Read More

They just keep getting better!

I raise my glass to the creative mind behind this one. It would put a …Read More

Super Special Olympics

We’re not sure what this is one’s all about, or who it’s for, but it …Read More

You turn me on.

Thomas Edison was one of the greatest inventors of the late 19th and early 20th …Read More

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