Who knew?

Pigeons would feature so prominently in outdoor advertising? And, where in the world is this …Read More

Dady, look what I got for Christmas!

Very clever, my Mini friends. Very clever.

This looks familiar.

Big dog drooling at the sight of delicious dog food? Don’t know about your house, but …Read More

Modern Day Travel

At last! An accurate representation of what it feels like to fly the blue skies …Read More

After thousands of years…

Man discovers correct tool to cope with copious amounts of snow: spray paint! But more …Read More

Applause please!

The creative mind behind this one should be given a bigger office. Click to enlarge …Read More

Spare Change?

Certainly. If it goes to the homeless person whose cardboard you stole! Kidding. This one …Read More


Sit back, relax, enjoy. Everyone loves bubbles!

My life is complete.

On the way to work this morning, I was thinking to myself, something’s missing from …Read More

Bendy buses rule!

Don’t you just LOVE bendy buses? The possibilities for that bendy bit in the middle …Read More

Get a move on, mate!

The traffic jam on the way out of the city was bad enough. The last …Read More

Thank you, 20th Century Fox…

For your kind and generous help to raise awareness about global warming ;) Yours truly, …Read More

My girlfriend’s favorite…

Panasonic asked me to pose for this one, but when I sent them my headshot, …Read More

Yay, 2010!

Happy New Year! OI are back from our American tour, where we sought out the …Read More

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