To you, they’re just some stairs

.. To you, they’re just some stairs. As you all know by now, over here …Read More

Don’t chop my hood off!

.. Nothing like a giant Indonesian meat cleaver bearing down on you to get the …Read More

Yes. We like this.

This idea is so good you would want to take it out on a date …Read More

Clean up your goddamned mess!

Littering is so 1985. When I was 17, my girlfriend’s sister chewed me apart for …Read More

My Kind of Art

Barcodes are obviously one of the most beautiful things ever created by mankind. And this is …Read More

And because all good things…

Come in threes. More Ariel stained glass eye candy for your enjoyment.

More visions from up above…

And because that last post was so good -in our eyes- here’s more!

Oh Ariel, Lion of God.

For centuries, the Church used stained glass to sell their ideas. Finally, laundry giant Ariel …Read More

Watch out, Eddie. Here I come!

.. I picked up my free air guitar on the way into work today, and …Read More

A word from Ms. April ’07

.. This is about as close as most people will get to being on the …Read More

Oh, what a wonderful world.

.. We wanted to start the week off on a colorful note, and what better …Read More

Best advertising idea so far on OI?

A lot of people around the office seem to think so. This one’s definitely going …Read More

‘My Old Man’s a Dustman’

Let’s all sing along, “my old man’s a dustman, he wears a dustman’s hat” or …Read More

Now that’s hot.

A couple things: A. I bet that poor driver has one toasty bum. B. Dubai?! …Read More