E = McWhat?

3…2…Got it! This one is literally, well, quite literal. Is this rest for those weary …Read More


This certainly would’ve improved the life a certain someone named Sisyphus. Wait, don’t move! Let …Read More

Who’s Your Daddy?

Remember the days when we said sit, and they sat? When we weren’t scheduling our …Read More

Got Milk?

Take a tip from this one: if you’re inspired by the world around you, you …Read More

this won’t hurt

I’m sure the “lucky” man in the photo is well aware of what he’s about …Read More

the long ride home

20 minutes I sat on this bus before I got the joke.

Size Matters

Some men say size doesn’t matter. Luckily women know better. Hats off to the brilliant …Read More

Booby Trapped

Duck, duck, duck…Goose! Gotcha. These landmine stickers make innocent pedestrians the victims of important information. …Read More

Rubbish Fetish

This little bus stop altar to rubbish makes up (in small part) for all that …Read More

Cut to the chase!

Apparently, the phrase ‘cut to the chase’ comes from early film-making. As in, let’s please …Read More

“Bloom Where You’re Planted”

I went for a run the other day, and this is similar to what my shoes …Read More

Where’s Ms. Marilyn Monroe now?

…When she could be seducing us in that sexy white dress, and having it steam-cleaned …Read More

Close your eyes, boys.

Now let me whisper a little secret in your ear. Women have to wear make-up …Read More


“Kentucky Fried Big-Ass-Picture”… in the middle of the US prairies. Thousands of square meters of …Read More

Earth Plug

The good folks over at EnGW asked us to give them a plug. So here …Read More