Dental floss + A Giant Pig?

What better way to bring the fun back to OI than a giant pig stuck …Read More

Caught you looking.

Sometimes, just sometimes, there’s a perfect marriage between art and technology. Usually it too happens …Read More

Don’t let it go to your head, ‘Lost’.

Ok, so your little plane-crash drama might have had an audience of 13.5 million, for …Read More

I see London, I see France

And the next word doesn’t just rhyme with underpants. We can’t guarantee we’ll be quite …Read More

Let’s Come Clean

Lacerations, concussions, tears, scrapes, bruises, broken bones. Racing across the rink at speeds of 20-30 …Read More

Pass the Paint

Well, apparently some invisible children do amazing things… And some don’t. Just turn your attention …Read More

If only life imitated advertising…

We’d advertise for clear and sunny days with just the slightest breeze and occasional cloud. …Read More

you call that a jump

We have free lunch tokens here at “OI” and when we saw this idea from …Read More

Taking the Wonder out of Wonderbra

Just because we’re fun, pretty, and laugh at your jokes doesn’t mean we don’t see …Read More

Million Dollar Catch

Discovery the undiscoverable. Ever wonder what it’s like to face extinction? What it’s like to …Read More

Summer’s Back

Yes, we know you’re dying for us to announce the official Face of Summer 2010. …Read More

Do you get the point now people!

We could not say it better ourselves so here is the press release : 80 …Read More

Billboards Beware!

Spotted! Habitat for Humanity cutting up billboards to make housing for low-income animals around the …Read More

Dame Edna anyone?

What do you mean, “don’t worry about leaving your car in the sun?” I went …Read More

Stuff White People Like

Feeling badly about themselves. Stuff White People Like even more? Feeling badly about themselves for …Read More

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