Reynolds-Wrap Recession

Construction has ground to a halt. Half sky-scrapers loom listlessly around the city. New Yorkers …Read More

If you doubted us before…

Let Mr. Clean put your worries to rest. Outdoor advertising is clearly making the world …Read More

Running late Monday morning?

Let me make your excuses for you: 1. A pipe broke in your bathroom and …Read More


Lightening-sized cracks appeared on buildings around the world as the vuvzuela bzzzz reached a record-breaking …Read More

Your Sexy Summer Glow

Advertisements look better with a little sun too. Make use. It’s free. For more fun …Read More

Kilroy was here

Go before you get your shoes wet! This brings a whole new meaning to the …Read More

Open Wide!

But whatever you do, don’t laugh or you risk losing a tooth or two. Going …Read More

Touch Me

Little, transparant braille-stickers were put on the push-buttons of the pedestrian traffic lights to advertise …Read More

Greatest ad placement in the world?

Yes, we think so! Love it when people notice the funnier things in life. Keep …Read More

You’re on a Bus. Naked. Look away. Now back to me.

Wait! Last time I did this I was on a boat with the man my …Read More

The Parapaholic Problem.

A recent study published in the Journal of North American Nonsense revealed that incidents involving …Read More

Easy as 1 2 3!

“A B C, Easy as 1 2 3, Simple as Do Re Mi….ABC, 1 2 …Read More

You’re still the King, Kong!

Universal Studio’s publicity stunt: huge footprints left in the sand on Santa Monica Beach, for …Read More

New and Improved: The Dumpster Diet!

Forget Atkins and South Beach. Stop struggling with the Low-Carb lifestyle. With our new and …Read More

What would you do for a flying car?

What would you do for a flying car? (Insert Kevin Smith joke ref. here) Is …Read More

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