Closed for prayer

Outdoor Inspiration is about to embark on another epic journey, we will travel half way …Read More

Darling, when I look into your…

Darling, when I look into your highlights I see a bright and shimmery future. In …Read More

Orange Alert!

The sun at sunset is orange. So sometimes is the moon, at moonrise. Papayas are …Read More

Chew on this!

Meaty testimonials: “I was truly overwhelmed when I passed by this ad in my car …Read More

Sticker Shock

Has anyone seen our wallet and keys? We can’t seem to get away from this …Read More

Frozen Yogurt Takes The Cake!

Would the brilliant creative mind behind this campaign please stand up? We would like to …Read More

Life in kisses.

Hello kisses, goodbye kisses, goodnight kisses, breakfast kisses. First kisses, campfire kisses, french kisses, stolen …Read More

Dear South Africa

You left an indelible print on us. Here’s hoping we cross paths again soon. With …Read More

The Low-Sodium Diet

Deemed a complete failure by Pantene, this campaign did succeed in drastically lowering salt-intake among …Read More

What could be better than smoking?

Sex that requires a cigarette of these epic proportions afterward. Wanna give it a go?

Full disclosure:

None of the trim virginal-looking socks featured in this advertisement are actually single. Significant-other-socks were …Read More

Unleashing the Furry Truth.

67% of pet owners cook meals for their dog or cat before cooking for themselves. …Read More

Will Honk for Happy Hounds

And we’re wagging our tails because it’s Friday. Happy weekend Outdoor Inspirers!

Still Casting!

Male/Female. Non-union. NOT fit. NOT young. NOT attractive. Seeking someone who will NOT light up …Read More