Honey, do I look fat?

Fat or not, I just want to pull your strings, tie you up and squeeze …Read More

Bigger isn’t always better.

Maybe it’s our loyalty to 501s, but something about the style or size just doesn’t …Read More

All Fired Up!

Come on. Just because it’s Tuesday doesn’t mean you can’t heat things up. Head home …Read More

The illusion of Beer:

Worse than bringing a woman home and finding out she’s a man. Happy weekending. Burp.

Excuse me, Sir…

-Is that your bag? -Yes, I think so…but I could have sworn was my wife …Read More

Why Work…

When you can have other people do it for you? Use the people, places and …Read More

Now Dasher! Now Donner! Now Blitzer! Now Prancer!

Or however that old poem ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas’ goes. The point is, Sweet …Read More

Tailgating or Tailgating

True! That kind of Tailgaiting isn’t worth it. We’d much rather be doing the other …Read More

If life is like a bowl of cherries…

Then Outdoor Inspiration is like a heavenly field of strawberries. A calorie-less field of fake …Read More

Get your mind out of the gutter!

We’ll bring the gutter to you! Please, have a bottle of dirty water to feed …Read More


Just because you lost weight doesn’t mean we want to see you naked. Put your pants …Read More

Supersize It.

Sometimes it’s as simple as playing with scale.

It’s not me. It’s you.

I think I just need some space. Or maybe I’m not ready right now. I …Read More

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