We ♥ 3D (most of the time)

But if you could please put the kids back in 2D, they’re much easier that …Read More

The end of online dating!

Why do online dating when you could market yourself live…in real time?!

Close your eyes, kids!

Just when you thought winter stripped us of all the fun. Stripping brought it back.

We Dare You!

Squeeze a couple drops of competition onto your creative plate today. Don’t be afraid to …Read More

We ♥ Before and Afters

And you said no one goes out on Mondays. Before (see above). After (see below). …Read More

Be grateful for the small things in life.

For instance, being on a tropical island when you figure out mommy and daddy are …Read More

‘You’ve really done it again!’

A wise old man once told us, ‘If you can’t think of something nice to …Read More

Use Only What You Need

Unless -of course- you’re American. .

Don’t Jump!

But don’t loose your balance and fall in while you’re looking for your phone. In …Read More

Being Eaten Alive!

Does that sound good? Or do you have other plans this weekend? Happy Friday!

Auto Sexual Harrassment

Several little sports cars have filed complaints about inappropriate behavior out on the parking lot. …Read More

SML: Suck My Life

You don’t have to be a vampire to appreciate these umbrellas. A killer hangover will …Read More

Reasons you’re late to work: #1

#2 http://www.outdoor-inspiration.com/?p=1663 #3 http://www.outdoor-inspiration.com/?p=1851 #3 is by far the best…http://www.outdoor-inspiration.com/?p=1751 Happy Tuesday!

Ads that’ll grow hair on your chest.

Hello Monday! No need for coffee folks, this one’s got just the jolt you need.