Afraid of the dark?

Then think twice about .  

What’s sitting at the top of your list?

Outdoor Inspiration, obviously. Fridays, for sure. Happy weekend!

Keep ’em coming, Durex.

The longer, the better—in our humble opinion.

Cut it out!

You’re tickling us silly with these sweet signs, Canac.

Ready to be blown away?

Or at least pleasantly amused?

Why The Glass Is Always Half Empty.

Next round keep a closer eye on it.

Faster! Harder! Faster! Harder!

Ooooh. Wait. Just for a soda? We’d rather save our energy for something with a …Read More

Don’t Look!

It’ll just get you depressed about your daily commute.

World’s Fastest Diet

No, not technically the world. Universe. Happy Friday Kiddos!

Dark Magic!

This is what we look like at night too. Hard to imagine—we know—but it’s true.

Words Can’t Express…

How glad we are to see the novel somewhere where someone will actually read it.

Rub it on me!

While this lead to a few much-too-much skin sightings at the bus stop, the number …Read More

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