A Star Never Shines Brighter

Than in the glow of its own light. Not quite sure what that means, but …Read More


Better hard than radioactive. Help Japan recover now: http://www.google.com/crisisresponse/japanquake2011.html

Why We Love Advertising

Because you never have to leave your car, home or office to find it. It …Read More

Monday Monday Monday

Even though it feels like 2am, but it’s really 10am, and we’re suffering because it’s …Read More

Feeling all twisted up inside?

Thought this one was for laxatives or antidepressants: ‘Getting you through the twists and turns …Read More

The end of online dating!

Why do online dating when you could market yourself live…in real time?!

We Dare You!

Squeeze a couple drops of competition onto your creative plate today. Don’t be afraid to …Read More

Be grateful for the small things in life.

For instance, being on a tropical island when you figure out mommy and daddy are …Read More

‘You’ve really done it again!’

A wise old man once told us, ‘If you can’t think of something nice to …Read More

Use Only What You Need

Unless -of course- you’re American. .

Reasons you’re late to work: #1

#2 http://www.outdoor-inspiration.com/?p=1663 #3 http://www.outdoor-inspiration.com/?p=1851 #3 is by far the best…http://www.outdoor-inspiration.com/?p=1751 Happy Tuesday!

Ads that’ll grow hair on your chest.

Hello Monday! No need for coffee folks, this one’s got just the jolt you need.

Trick or Treat!

We intended on waiting until Halloween to post this one, but our friend here wouldn’t …Read More

A few important things to know!

Ostriches are native to Africa. They’re the largest living species of bird. On average, they …Read More

(Insert funny title about coffee here)

(Insert poem to praise coffee here) (Get coffee then write Outdoor Inspiration) (Insert ‘ ‘ …Read More

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