Why We Love Advertising

Because you never have to leave your car, home or office to find it. It …Read More

Be grateful for the small things in life.

For instance, being on a tropical island when you figure out mommy and daddy are …Read More

Reasons you’re late to work: #1

#2 http://www.outdoor-inspiration.com/?p=1663 #3 http://www.outdoor-inspiration.com/?p=1851 #3 is by far the best…http://www.outdoor-inspiration.com/?p=1751 Happy Tuesday!

Trick or Treat!

We intended on waiting until Halloween to post this one, but our friend here wouldn’t …Read More

Still Casting!

Male/Female. Non-union. NOT fit. NOT young. NOT attractive. Seeking someone who will NOT light up …Read More

You’re still the King, Kong!

Universal Studio’s publicity stunt: huge footprints left in the sand on Santa Monica Beach, for …Read More

Earth Plug

The good folks over at EnGW asked us to give them a plug. So here …Read More

Action Man’s Day Job

Either the world’s best skydiver OR the worst!  Maybe it’s a plastic dummy stuck to …Read More

Watch out, Eddie. Here I come!

.. I picked up my free air guitar on the way into work today, and …Read More

My girlfriend’s favorite…

Panasonic asked me to pose for this one, but when I sent them my headshot, …Read More

Bum Deal

I suggested we get some of these for the OI office. You know, as a …Read More

And one for our four-legged friends.

I showed this to my two dogs -one just looked at me as if to …Read More

Ride the wave, dude.

I was like, riding this massive wave, with this like, epic wall of water about …Read More

They just keep getting better!

I raise my glass to the creative mind behind this one. It would put a …Read More

Kill Bill (-board)

This billboard uses almost as much blood as the film. I hope that’s Tarantino’s car …Read More